This look has been coveted since those 80s and 90s days.  For what ever reason it seemed like every “bad boy” or cool guy character in films/cartoons of this era had the same uniform.  From The Fonz to Roger Klotz of the classic Nickelodeon cartoon Doug  you will notice cool is portrayed through a precise aesthetic that we will describe here.

There are certain pieces that create this look and here are the key components.

Black Leather Jacket

The black leather jacket is the most important piece to the ensemble.  If you don’t have one forget it!

Basic White T-Shirt

In this case my shirt has words on it but a basic white t-shirt is even better.

Classic Distressed Jean

This should come in the colorway of light wash blue or black. Also don’t over due the distressing (Knees work just fine with this look).

Basic Sneaker

Black or white. Don’t get too fancy here.


Piercings, Bandana, Tattoos all apply.  Don’t go overboard though… were not going to a death metal concert.

Shopping Cart:

Leather Jacket: HM

T-shirt: Justin Great

Jeans: Justin Great

Accessories: Justin Great

Sneakers: Aldo