Justin Great is a relentless entrepreneur whose passion for fashion, design, art, photography, film, architecture and contemporary culture compelled him to create The Upper Echelon in his college years.  His eye for style has always been apparent even in his youth as a trend setter amongst his peers.

Since The Upper Echelon’s inception in 2009 Justin has had the opportunity to showcase and collaborate with multiple brands and publications ultimately leading him to create his namesake fashion collection (Justin Great) which offers carefully crafted ready-to-wear fashion and accessories for both men and women. The brand embraces good taste and high quality product through simplicity and effortless styles, cultivating contemporary and cutting edge design aesthetics.

Justin is the true embodiment of the renaissance man concept.  His creative content and design company Luxpiration allows him and his team the outlet to create via media (photography, videography, graphic design), web/product design, audio, branding and marketing. Justin Great’s music producer background has afforded him the opportunity to produce beats of several different genres for various music artists and also film/television (Great Beats).

In addition to the arts Justin has a passion for technology and has created products in the tech space including co-founding the start-up Friendect in which is a mobile application that is revolutionizing the way people meet up with their friends in the real world.

For Justin The Upper Echelon is a means of creative expression and influence from a style and culture point of view providing perspective and insight through his lenses.  His goal is to fuel and inspire individuals to enjoy, appreciate and partake in high quality lifestyle, culture and product.  Justin Great is a firm believer that through creativity, action, and dedication we can influence and change the world and he is currently embodying his belief through his various ventures.

Among other accolades, Justin has been featured in magazines and publications such as GQ, Fortune, and New York Times.  Justin was also named top 50 style bloggers in 2014.

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