Jessica Gorlicky is a mainstay in Toronto’s trendy art scene. Her urban chic style and live, colorful creations have resonated with city socialites and hipsters for the past decade. They’ve brought her art to the walls of fashionable restaurants, the runways of retail powerhouses, and the spotlight of some of the most publicized events of the year.

Over the last 15 years, Jessica has been performing live painting across the GTA, Canada, and even worldwide. She has performed in over 350 shows, and has helped raise over $100,000 for charity in the past few years alone! Some of Jess’s favourite performances include a cross-Canada Tour with the 2010 Canadian Winter Olympics Torch Relay Team and her 77 unique Cirque Du Soleil series where she painted for audiences attending Totem and Amaluna. In addition, she’s performed for brands such as KPMG, Holt Renfrew, Coca-Cola, Absolut Vodka, RBC, Fiat, Mini Cooper, Acura, Maserati, TOMS, McCafé, FIFA, and Microsoft.

Jess also has her own recently renovated gallery which is 2300 sq. ft space with 16 ft ceilings and white walls covered with her art in Toronto, Canada.

Upon meeting Jessica in Denver, CO we immediately vibed over creative expression through our various passions!  I loved her drive and artistic world view.  That being so I wanted to support her movement and so we decided to collaborate on some ideas for pieces she could create for my own home.

During the time she was conducting an exhibit called Saturday Morning Cartoons in which included various nostalgic cartoons colorfully laid over classic comic book strips in pop fashion.

I wanted a theme to make the pieces congruent so we decided to go with a luxury cartoon theme including Scrooge McDuck, Richie Rich, and The Monopoly Man.  Here are the pieces that were so wonderfully constructed.

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