1. Pick The Right Shirt

Make sure that you are selecting a shirt that truly fits your body.  It should be nice and snug on you and have long shirttails so that the shirt does not end up bulging out on the sides later that day.

2. Pick The Right Pants

You could have the perfect shirt with a terrible fitting pant that will ultimately ruin the whole look.  Make sure that the waist of your trouser fits you nice and close so that it will help the lovely shirt stay in place. If there is slight room on the waist use a quality and correct sized belt to help.

Tips and Tricks

Make a Baggy Shirt Slim

If you are experiencing the oh so hated shirt side bulge try Pinching the side of your shirt’s fabric at the side seams, pull them out, and fold them back onto the rest of your shirt.

Use all the buttons on and inside your Pants

The weirdly-placed runt button has had a purpose this whole time!? Yup. This little buddy keeps your shirt in place, and once it’s closed, allows you to push and pull your shirt down as far down as possible. Here’s a real master tucker tip: Reach through the fly to maximize tuckage. – via GQ

Shopping Cart

Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Pants: HM

Shoes: Puma

Belt: Ralph Lauren

Photography/Model: Justin Great