Tie Snug is a innovative product/accessory that was created to enhance the appearance of the everyday gentleman through avenue of his tie.  While wearing a tie throughout the day it is always so easy for ones knot to become loose or to become sloppy looking. with Tie Snug this troubling problem is eliminated.  The Tie Snug Allows for a clean and tapered look all day no mater what occasion.

Here’s How it Works!!!

Tie Snug from SDG on Vimeo.

We at the Upper Echelon were able to partner with Tie Snug. We tried the Tie Snug out and came to find that the product did everything that it said it would! We were really impressed with the product and we recommend it to all tie users.  This is a good accessory that will make your outfits more efficient.

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Tie Snug’s Top 6 Reasons to use Their Product…..

1. To look your best. It keeps your tie knot in place.

Whether traveling, wearing a coat and scarf or simply on the run, there is no more worrying that your tie 
knot has slipped. 

2. Makes wearing a tie more comfortable.
Once our tie accessories are applied, your tie knot will rest comfortably against your shirt collar. It’s almost like you’re not even wearing a tie!

3. Saves you time and aggravation.
No more adjusting your tie knot throughout the day or checking yourself in the mirror before major events. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your tie knot stays perfect all the time.

4. Convenient size easily stores with your menswear.
Our necktie accessories store easily for traveling and everyday use.

5. You only need one for your entire tie wardrobe.
Though people go to extreme monetary measures for men’s fashion, you won’t have to pay extreme prices to ensure yourtie knot is always looking great.

6. Makes your ties last longer.
Ties are extremely captivating but are made of fragile materials. Once you stop pulling and adjusting your tie knot into position, the quality of your ties will last longer.