The Cocoon Aeris contemporary fireplace is economical, eco-friendly, multi-purpose and something great to look at. 
     This hanging fireplace comes as a compact cocoon like structure with an 8-position flexible hanging pole or a wall mounting stand. As per desired height and direction, the stainless steel casing can be moved up or down for the perfectly comfortable height, or turned for the perfect direction. If the hanging designs aren’t what’s right for you, the wall mounted option is there too, which could give the similar flexibilities.
     Coming to the next major advantage, is the eco-friendly design of the fireplace. Operating of Ethyl Alcohol (denatured alcohol), there is little or no harmful emission to worry about. Just opening the small 1.5 liter tank at the back, one can refill the bio-fuel, and put the heater on in the desired level of intensity. This would vary the level of heat, and prolongation of the operating time of the fireplace. At a stretch, it can go for about 6 hour’s non-stop, but will vary with the level of adjusted heat. If that wasn’t it, this fireplace can be equally useful during the summers. Instead of using the heating system, the vessel can double up as a chilling tray for champagne or cold beverage bottles without any hassle whatsoever. So, with the winters approaching, those looking to buy a fireplace would do well to spend $4,000 for one of these. Aesthetics, economics and eco-friendly design just bound perfectly well together.