After watching the film Mary Poppins Returns I was inspired by the nostalgic english looks that were presented. Particularly Micheal Banks’ eldest son John. He was seen in one of the films scenes sporting a tan overcoat over a sweater/tie combo and a pair of …. you guessed it …. shorts…

Upon seeing this look one would think it strange, like if its hot wear shorts and a T-shirt… if its cold wear a coat and full length slacks. I mean who would ever mix the 2 besides a child waking up and dressing him or herself…

The more I observed this look amongst others exhibited with in the film I realized that this was a common English style displaying the perfect blend of prep, comfort and elegance.

It was at that moment I decided I had to try it!

Justin Great

I decided to did in my closet and pull out the necessary pieces to pull this London look off. It worked well because I had the perfect overcoat to complete the look in which I had been longing to wear all season. I look forward to trying this look more regularly with various combinations in moderately chill weather.

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Overcoat: Ralph Lauren
Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Shirt: Suit Supply
Shorts: Ralph Lauren
Boots: Gucci
Hat: Ralph Lauren
Watch: Michael Kors
Tie: Vintage