Each decade in the 20th century has had its affect on the trends and fashions of today. It stands true that certain styles and pieces of clothing always recycle. My outfit yesterday had a little 80’s prep/sportswear influence to it and i thought it would be a good one to share.

I found this throwback Notre Dame crewneck at a thrift store a couple years back and hadn’t really worn it much yet. I cut off the sleeves just so i could wear it in the summer. A pair of light wash jeans are essential. Having a black pair, white, dark wash, and light would be your best bet. I just picked up these Converse from one of my favorite stores RSVP Gallery the other day. Ive been wanting a pair for a while so i chose their classic color way.


IMG_7165 IMG_7110 IMG_7063 IMG_7141 IMG_7082 IMG_7160

 Sweatshirt by Champion. Jeans by Levi’s (511). Shoes by Converse X Comme Des Garcons.

 The things I enjoy wearing come from many different influences but are all contingent on your own personal style. We hope you can take our suggestion and tips to help your overall style and taste level. Thanks for reading.

Samuel Ole