The world’s most expensive Monopoly set will be on display at  the Museum of American Finance on Wall Streetis for the next two years.  Sculpted of solid gold and encrusted with jewels, the $2 million game is a true work of art.  “It isn’t just a set,” said jeweler Sidney Mobell, 84, as he unveiled his handiwork. “It’s a piece of art.” Mobell got the idea for a set made of gold when he heard about the 1988 World Monopoly Tournament in London. Parker Brothers gave him a commission, and Mobell spent a year crafting each intricate piece by hand. The board is plated in 23-karat gold, and all the pieces are made of solid 18-karat gold. Diamonds stud the sides of the dice to mark the numbers. The chimneys on the houses are topped with rubies, while sapphires top the hotels. A glittering topaz marks the light bulb on the “Electric Company” space, and a ruby drips from the faucet on “Water Works.” “It was a lot of fun,” said Mobell, who lives in San Francisco. When Mobell built the set, gold cost about $300 an ounce, he said. Today, gold sells for over $1,300 an ounce, he said. In 2003, Mobell donated the game — along with other whimsical creations, including a solid gold mousetrap and toilet seat — to the Smithsonian, which is affiliated with the Museum of American Finance.