Ski and Snowboard fashion the Upper Echelon BlogWith Spring temperatures on the rise this means ski season is coming to a close.  When I think of skiing fashion is one of the first things that comes to mind along with the excitement of powdery snow, wind in my face and a couple of expected spills into that powdery snow.

One of the best parts of going skiing is hanging out with friends in the nearby ski town. Along with having tasty warm drinks its also nice to look at the different styles people have on from their coats to their hats or boots.  Now days I feel like mountain sport fashion essentials are a must and should be taken into consideration just as much as the equipment you buy to do the sport.

Ski Fashion Tips:

1. Slim Fit : This trend is happening through out all veins of fashion and there should be no excuse in this one either.  It simply looks better, more modern and less sloppy.  Also something to remember is the fact that it will help performance not to have a baggy pair of pants or coat flapping in the wind.Ski and Snowboard fashion the Upper Echelon Blog 3

2. Color Coordination:  Throwing on a bunch of pieces on that don’t go together just doesn’t cut it anymore… I appreciate some of the ski looks of the 80’s the attire fit well and there were cool color palettes people would wear.  This does not mean the you have to wear red on red on red… the key here is coordination so collaborate colors that sit well to the eye. (THE POINT IS…….  JUST ACTUALLY GIVE A CARESki and Snowboard fashion the Upper Echelon Blog 2

3. Function & Fabrics:  Not only do you want your outfit to look good but you also want it to serve its purpose especially while skiing.  I mean one thing that is a constant while at the top of a peak is that it is cold…. so the pieces you select should be able to keep you warm during your activities.  The boots you select shouldn’t have you spending your down time in the ski town on your butt because they don’t have good traction.  Think fashion and function.


Shopping Cart:

Swearter: Ralph Lauren

Hat: Target

Sweats: Justin Great

Boots: Sperry

Socks: J Crew