Fashion always recycles and it appears after a few decades of baggier untucked clothing… tailored and more classic looks have returned including tucking in your shirt whether that be a button up all the way to your t-shirt producing a more casual clean look.

I know mom was clutch at dressing us when we were little with the perfect tucked in shirt for school, church, or that recital.. but now that your dressing yourself here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Shirt Fit

The fit of the shirt can make all the difference.  The width and length of the shirt should accommodate a slider and clean tuck not one that is sloppy and wide.  To make sure you achieve a clean tuck go for a slim cut shirt or t-shirt with enough length that it won’t untuck when you lift your arms.


2. Right Trousers

Even with the right shirt this can all go wrong if you don’t have the right bottoms.  The fit of the pants really matters and so whether its a dress pant or a jean make it count.  You generally don’t want to wear a low rise trouser as it will typically sag down on your waist producing a sloppy tuck… Go with a trouser that is more classically cut at the waist which will work nicely when adding a belt.

3. Body Type

Always ALWAYS dress for your body type.  Don’t get a small when your an XL and vice versa.


Photography/Models: Justin Great and Kevin Orellana