Just discovered this new brand out of New York City while looking through their collection on GQ. The one thing i really appreciate about it is its versatility. The collection “0114” gives us four different colors, a deep red, blue, cream/off-white, and gray. I think they hit this collection head on with very clean lines and the simplicity of it. These pieces are great end of summer wear and transition pieces for fall gear. The collection is now available for purchase at their online store.

Aime-Leon-Dore-Pre-Fall-2014-Lookbook-01 Aime-Leon-Dore-Pre-Fall-2014-Lookbook-05 Aime-Leon-Dore-Pre-Fall-2014-Lookbook-07 Aime-Leon-Dore-Pre-Fall-2014-Lookbook-23 Aime-Leon-Dore-Pre-Fall-2014-Lookbook-17