Joe Nakash, the owner of the Victory Hotel next door, told the Miami Herald that he plans to turn the mansion into a hotel, which will operate in conjunction with the Victory. If the deal falls through, the mansion will go toDonald Trump, whose team had the second highest bid at $41 million.

The 23,462 square foot mansion is located in Miami, and belonged to Versace for years before he was murdered outside the steps in 1997. Versace covered the home in lavish appointments, including hand painted walls and ceiling frescoes, custom tile mosaics, fountains, sculptures and chandeliers. There’s even a 54-foot long 24-karat gold-lined pool! The mansion has 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, and has been used as a hotel in the past, when it was The Villa By Barton G. (via BornRich)