For a few years now I have been struggling to find a company/brand that makes suits embodying top notch style and quality, at a price point that wouldn’t empty my bank account.  I recently stumbled upon the Amsterdam based Suit Supply in Denver after meeting a now good friend who was helping to  lead the companies US infiltration.  Suit Supply is continually growing with a now 50 locations globally (11 locations in the US) and as I gazed upon the Denver location I was utterly impressed!

Justin Great Suit Supply 7

I had never seen a mass retail menswear shop that placed so much care and detail into its consumer presentation!  From the decor to the product itself, everything was immaculate.   I found that there was an immediate perk to Suit Supply in which I never find with out financial strain and that was the cut of their product.  Everything was already tailored, slim cut  and basically fit perfect!  This is huge because it saves money when it comes to tailoring (if even necessary) and if you need work done on your product their is a really neat tailor center conveniently located right there in the store. You will even find an area that is for those who want to customize their experience with a bespoke suit.

Justin Great Suit Supply 5

Suit Supply carries a vast array of suits with various patterns and fabrics that will suit any man for any occasion!  I also liked the fact that they not only stopped at suits but took it another step further incorporating more sporty styles and other accommodating accessories. As I strolled through the beautiful location I felt like how could this place get any better but sure enough it did.  Their unique tie and shirt grid displays sent my visual and quality meters into overdrive.


Justin Great Suit Supply 6


Justin Great Suit Supply 4

In these photos I am wearing one of Suit Supply’s Havana fit suits which has the characteristics of a fitted jacket with out lining and an unconstructed shoulder  giving it a natural look. The jacket also has patch pockets which helps to provide a more contemporary look.

Justin Great Suit Supply 3

Justin Great Suit Supply 2

I would recommend Suit Supply to any man weather they are just beginning to build their wardrobe or if their closet is advanced in nature.  Check them out at  or stop in to one of their many locations for an experience you will never forget

Justin Great Suit Supply 8



Price Tag:

Suit: $469

Tie: $65

Bow Tie: $65

Shirt: $129

Socks: $59