In this day and age we people are not glued to one specific look and in fact are more than ever interested in mixing styles to suit their occasion.

The athleisure look has now become the norm and infant is starting to be accepted in otherwise traditional or more casual-formal locations or events.

The main thing is STYLE and how congruent you can make an outfit look (even if its a sweat pant and t-shirt combo) while portraying confidence.

In this look we mix a few more traditional items with athletic pieces for a well balanced ensemble.

A standard black turtleneck paired with a funky Alexander Wang X HM athletic legging doesn’t seem to be something that would work on paper but in this look we notice the effortless congruency not to mention throwing on a sneaker with it (in which is now highly accepted – throwing a sneaker on with ANYTHING).

The accessories of this outfit are also more formal in nature as one wouldn’t think to carry around a Burberry bag to the gym nor a pair of Tom Ford Shades to hit the treadmill… but in this look it works as a casual meets luxury combo.

Photography by Justin Great courtesy of Luxpiration

Model: Sheena Brown