When you think of a scarf especially in menswear your mind probably goes directly to wool, winter, and chunky.  Though those thoughts are valid we must realize that the scarf takes on many forms and fabrics and is not only for the fall/winter season.


When determining the right scarf for what season it boils down to fabric.  Generally the traditional scarf is made of wool and other heavy fabrics to help retain warmth and repel cool winds but I’m sure you could see how this doesn’t work for the summer season. The key is to get lighter fabrics such as silks and light cotton blends  so that the accessory can shine with out you passing out because of a heat stroke.


Many designers and mass designer stores are carrying several varieties of these Spring/Summer accessories so don’t think it strange when you see scarves on the rack during the summer months.

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Scarf: H&M

Shirt: ZARA

Blazer: H&M

Jeans: GAP

Shoes: ALDO

Pocket Square: H&M

Bracelets: Justin Great

Watch: Michael Kors