25. Pizzaria Vetrl

Philadelphia, PA
Too Bad Naples Never Had Pizza Like This
24. Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop
New York, NY
Tokyo-Grade Noodles Reach Ramen-Ready New York
23. Westward
Seattle, WA
A Twisty Drive to a Hidden Treasure
22. Row 34
Boston, MA
For the Epicure Lurking Inside Every Working Man
21. Sweedeedee
Portland, OR
Something Special Between Two Slices of Bread
20. Chi Spacca
Los Angeles, CA
A Very Meaty Chunk of Italy in L.A.
19. The General Muir
Atlanta, GA
A Real-Deal New York Delicatessen in Atlanta—and We’d Like it Back, Please
18. Avance
Philadelphia, PA
Very New-Style Cuisine in a Very Old-Style City
17. Le Penguin
Greenwich, CT
Your Perfect Parisian Bistro in Connecticut
16. Casa Luca
Washington D.C.
Casual Italian’s Gotten Bigger and Better
15. Daikaya
Washington D.C.
Your Sunday Brunch Gets an International Upgrade
14. Alma
Los Angeles, CA
Culinary Wizardry Puts Down Roots in Downtown L.A.
13. La Barbecue
Austin, TX
Everything You’ve Heard About Texas BBQ, but Better
12. Bar Sajor
Seattle, WA
Laid-Back But Sophisticated—A Damn Good Place for a Romantic Night
11. Sir and Star at The Olema
Olema, CA
A Coastal Bounty of Old-Fashioned Taste
10. Nico Osteria
Chicago, IL
Sometimes All You Want is Italian Food, Exactly What You Love
9. Dover
Brooklyn, NY
The Re-Invigoration of Fine Dining for a New Kind of Customer
8. Orsa & Winston 
Los Angeles, CA
Evereything Imaginable—Plus Uruguayan Rice
7. Gunshow
Atlanta, GA
They Come Bearing Food, One Cook After Another. Nobody Can Resist So Much Charm.
6. Husk
Nashville, TN
Pork. Oysters. Grits. Bourbon. All the Best of Sourthern Cooking, Elevated to a New Level.
5. King + Duke
Atlanta, GA
Where There’s Smoke, There’s Grilling, as All-American as a Slab of Swordfish
4. Carbone
New York, NY
The Little Italy-Style Joint You Dreamed of Discovering, Right Down to the Veal Parm
3. Roe
Portland, OR
A Mostly Seafood Japanese Gem, Hiding in Plain Sight Behind Another Mostly Seafood Spot
2. Trois Mec
Los Angeles, CA
A Little Piece of Paris in an L.A. Strip Mall
1. Qui
Austin, TX
Tasty Texan and Uplifted Asian Cooking On the Other Side of Austin