I’m Excited to present to the world my NEW iPhone app Friendect! Friendect confidentially reveals to you which of your friends are nearby so that you can share moments together in the real world! Me and my team have been working extremely hard to ultimately produce an “Upper Echelon” product that will revolutionize the way we meet up with our friends in the world! The Upper Echelon would greatly appreciate our followers download so that we can continue to grow and bring excellence forth! http://friendect.com/download

Check out the Friendect promo video:

How it works:

Passively operating in the background, Friendect determines which of your friends are within your 1, 5, 25 or custom mile radius so that you will never miss out on a possible moment (experience) with old or new friends again! Not only can you search for nearby friends, but If your friends are nearby, Friendect will do all the work and notify you.

Privacy is of the utmost importance within Friendect and no users exact location is ever disclosed with out their consent (Beacon Feature).
No matter where you are in the world, Friendect help you to share serendipitous experiences with friends who may also be in that same area!