In collaboration with the recent release of the timeless Great Gatsby film, Brooks Brothers has crafted a line depicting the marvelous display of fashion that was portrayed in the movie. 

“Catherine Martin, a two-time Academy Award-winner and the woman behind Gatsby‘s costumes, looked to the Brooks Brothers archives to help inform her work for the movie, basing a majority of the 500 men’s costumes on what she found. Brooks Brothers, in turn, looked to Martin’s creations to inspire The Gatsby Collection. So really, it’s Brooks feeding into Martin feeding into Brooks again. Meta.

That little game of inspirational roundabout seems to have worked out quite nicely. The clothes in the collection have a unmistakeable Jazz Age feel to them, but they aren’t overly historicized. And, by the same token, they haven’t swung so far in the other direction as to seem heavy-handedly theatrical or conceptual. They’re modern — and moderate. And well-executed moderation is exactly what you want when you’re paying homage to days past but not, you know, attending a costume party.” – Esquire Magazine