Recently we were able to collaborate with The Motley (Mens Superior Grooming Website) to create an Upper Echelon customized grooming kit called “Indulge in The Upper Echelon”. It is comprised of 5 items that we thought were a must have!  When connecting with The Motley we really thought it was a dynamic connection because The Motley exhibits the Upper Echelon lifestyle that we devote ourselves to and its always a pleasure to team up with those that are likeminded.  

These items are included in the kit…..

1. Grant’s Golden Brand Putty Pomade USA (see video)
2. Apivita Hair and Body Wash

3. Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy

4. Billy Jealousy White Knight Facial Cleanser (Best facial cleanser by Mens Health and Instinct Magazine)

5. Sydney Hale Tobacco and Sandalwood Candle

This handpicked selection of essentials and aromatherapy will truly allow you to INDULGE in the Upper Echelon lifestyle.

This Grooming Kit is NOW Available  HERE