Featuring design by master watchmaker and designer brand Ulysse Nardin, This beautiful piece is something to desire.

Ulysse Nardin, a name known for horological master pieces like the Monaco 2011 Executive Dual time watch has now created limited edition fountain pens, in joint partnership with Visconti. Using the designing and craftsmanship evolving over 165 years, there is very little to crib about the art that is evident in this Florence made writing instrument.
Ulysse Nardin designed the pen for luxury writing instrument lovers, in 2 different options; 18K yellow gold and 0.925 Sterling silver. Both these options will feature the similar intricate artwork and design in general, and will differ mainly in the metal used. Most apparent of this work is the fine print of the net on the pen’s chassis, which is layered on the blue resin that Ulysse Nardin has used in some of its timepieces. Signature to the brand, this work is done by hand by the very best of the lot. The top anchor too, has been made similarly with the logo of the brand and the individual numbering of the pen. Moving to the engineering, one is in for more surprises, as this writing instrument uses advanced components like a triple channel ink feed system (for smooth writing experience), banoyet closure system for safety, and a comparatively larger ink storage which has a 10 cartridge capacity for uninterrupted writing. The closure system ensures that a quarter turn movement will lock the cap so as to prevent any misuse.
The word around the pricing and number of units isn’t known to us, but it won’t be a surprise to see a small number, just like the horological masterpieces of the brand. But who so ever manages to buy one of these, will experience writing pleasure with royalty unparalleled.
via bornrich