Scottie Hampton was created by Scottie and a Palm Beach raised crew whose families are big in the Yachting community.   They spent every summer in either Newport or Nantucket since we were kids and with that came a passion for being on the water, being noticed, and extremely expensive Champagne.   They were not satisfied by the sunglass options available on the market, so they set out to design the best looking, highest performing, lightest-weight Yachting Sunglasses created.  Their “Yachtseas” are a combination of our polarizing, over-the-top, “look at me” style while also delivering high-quality lens performance.   Scottie says “these glasses  are for people that like to turn heads and get noticed.  If you’re more a “face-in-the crowd” person, Scottie Hampton’s are probably not for you.”   We cater to that group of polarizing people and will continue to make great glasses that are not for the faint of heart.   

Polo: Lacoste                                                                                              Photos By: Rebecky Rozay
T – Shirt: Plumage
Trunks: Ralph Lauren
Gold Watch: Guess
Brown Watch: Citizen
All Shades: Scottie Hampton (Dark/Green/Blue Lens)
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