Who would dare to think of wearing wool socks in the summer?

Me, I guess….

I decided to wear wool socks initially for comfort reasons due to the boot I was thinking of wearing.  Generally you would see boot/shorts combos a lot in hiking and safari’s but most people don’t look at this as a fashionable choice for everyday regular wear because it seems out of occasion.

I decided to bring this nature look to the city in a modern way.  Upon deciding to wear a boot in which I knew I would be walking around a festival for hours I decided a comfortable sock would be in order…  The most comfortable socks with a sturdy boot are thick cotton or wool socks so by default these are the ones I chose.

Though its Summer and the weather would be 90+ degrees I figured my feet would thank me and that there was a way I could make this a stylish statement with out dying of heat.

The key here was ensuring that the other items i wore were completely light and breathable.  The boots and socks would be the only warm items I wore, emphasizing balance at its finest!  The success of this type of outfit lies in the hosts confidence and ability to build pieces around the boot+sock combo that will not over shadow.