It is important that your personal style is present in all areas of your life not just in your fashion. Your home is a place that you spend a good amount of time and thus should look and feel like you. Your guests should feel your presence when visiting and the vibe should be in alignment with your personality and style dynamic.

I love western / ranch style aesthetic in my fashion and I additionally enjoy contemporary and modern design/art. It was important to infuse these components into my home design and decor.

Within my space are several of my own art pieces such as my art collection titled “Pure Imagination” which is comprised of 3 pieces that pay homage to my favorite movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Also I took one of my song cover arts that I designed titled “Draped in Designer” and blew it up as it represents my love for fashion.

Keeping in step with imagination and creativity I set up a wall shelf featuring the entire collection of Dr. Seuss children’s books. This is special to me as Dr. Seuss is someone along with several other creators that have inspired my creativity.

I wanted a center piece which is my Restoration Hardware couch. Though it fits in line with the rustic yet modern look I’m going for it also is comfortable whereby I and my guests will want to spend more time within the space. Plenty of cactus and other greenery give the space a brightness and touch of nature.

The space also features a music, fashion, and design studio allowing me to create in what ever medium necessary that day.