A man can never have enough ties… the tie is a true classic that stands the test of time even as trends come and go.  

1. Traditional 4 In Hand

As the most popular this tie can range from vintage wide to a slimmer modern look.

*Illustration from tie bar.com


2. Slim or Skinny Tie

This more modern tie became popular initially in the 50’s and 60’s.  Skinny ties are great to wear with a slim cut/lapel suit or with jeans.  This tie should be 2″ or slimmer.

*Illustration from tie bar.com


3. Knitted Tie

This type of tie can come in traditional point or square bottomed. The knitted tie can be used for business but shines in a casual look.The ideal width for a knitted tie is 2.5 inches – slightly narrower than a regular business tie, which tends to come in at 3 inches.

4. Bow Tie

The bowtie can be a whimsical alternative to the traditional tie and shines as the go to for extremely formal occasions. They pair nicely with a traditional black tux or a summer seersucker suit.

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