From historical to modern, art is something that everyone can identify with in some fashion.  The wonderful thing is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is something that can’t be put in a “box”.  This being the case allows anyone with any background to partake in enjoying whatever expression of art suits them.

As most of us already know, art that stands out through time generally is displayed in museums and we wanted to take time to give you a few reasons to spend an hour or 2 observing the contents of these establishments.

1. Creativity Jump Start

The art museum is a great place to get your creative juices going when you are feeling uninspired.  As someone who does a lot of creative things, observing others utilize their ability and talents helps me to get going again.

2. It’s A Stress Relief

The museum is a place that gives you time to think, reflect and explore.  After a hard week or stressful situation in life, taking time to explore an art museum can really allows you to blow off steam in a positive and peaceful way.

3. Great Outing

Need a place to take out of town visitors or a date?  The art museum is a great start and showcases that your interested in culture.  A suggestion to spend some time exploring beautiful art may just give you those extra credit points.

Photos: New York City/Moma