With glimpses of the much-anticipated YEEZY Boost sneaker being released this week by Kanye West.  Yeezy has delivered a showcase of an entire collection that he has concocted with Adidas including menswear, womenswear, shoes, and accessories.  The show in which was held at NYC’s Fashion Week was attended by several known personal like Anna Wintour, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Alexander Wang, Rihanna, Diddy, and of course the Kardashians.

With a supposed 94 pieces, this collection is quite advanced and appears to be very well crafted in a high fashion nature in which we haven’t seen through the Adidas platform except for through the Y-3 collection by Yohji Yamamotto.

The very unique presentation of the collection diverted from normal runway format with a military like step forward method to the tune of a trumpet blow.  Kanye also revealed the first song from his new album during the last part of the show called “Wolf”YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_7 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_2 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_0 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_8 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_13YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_12 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_14 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_4 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_3 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_11 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_9 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_17 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_6 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_1 YEEZY-adidas-Kanye-West_dezeen_784_16