The proper wrist stack can really elevate any outfit.  From watches to beads… one can really show an extreme amount of flare just by over accessorizing their wrist.

The watch is always a good starting point as it is generally the largest piece in a good wrist stack.  Next adding high end beaded bracelets, leather straps, fabric bracelets and or metal bracelets would be next.

There is no particular order to the way the bracelets should lay as it really is a preference thing… (try different combinations until it looks right).

Color selection matters in this case as you want to stay on theme with whatever your outfits color scheme is. This doesn’t mean be matchy matchy…It’s ok to do like colors or colors that are in the family of a scheme … just don’t walk out of the house with a rainbow wrist.  

Wrist accessories don’t have to be expensive so get creative and try new combinations everyday! Soon you will become a pro.

Photography by Black Jackson


Shopping Bag:

Watch: Michael Kors

Bracelets: Justin Great

Jacket: Jordache

Shirt/Jeans: Justin Great

Hat: HM