With this subject being the butt of a lot of jokes, I decided to take some time to talk about it.  Everyone knows that kid (or maybe was that kid) who got made fun of for wearing “high waters” (pants that are short in length showcasing a TON of sock) or the kid who wore JNCO’s that were 5 sizes to big creating a heavy scrunch of the pant (causing it to drag on the floor and put holes in the back).  

Through all the madness there are actual applicable guidelines that will solve a lot of issues and help you to achieve the modern stylish man look.

Understanding The Break

The break is the fold or bend above the cuff of the leg, which is created when the fabric of the leg is longer than your physical leg. Thus the pant line “breaks,” or kinks, near your shin when the cuff meets your shoe.

Dressy or Khaki Trouser

For a modern look your pant length should have no break.  At the very maximum a slight break because anything further will make the pant or suit look sloppy.  The no break look allows you to show a glimpse of your sock, which can provide a clutch style element.  

The crop in this case can work but the pant leg opening must be very tapered and slim for this look to be pulled off.


I generally follow the same rules when it comes to my jeans but when it comes to jeans things can become a bit grey as there are looks that call for a baggier jean.  Also some men prefer a looser fit jean in which a half or full break is bound to happen.  Overall I’d say this one is loosely up to the individual but PLEASE PLEASE don’t walk out the door with any sloppy looking bottoms (remember dress for your body type and try to be as trim and clean as possible).